Fast and affordable ways to access more cleaning leads

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21st-Century technology has made accessing leads for your cleaning business easy and efficient. If you aren't already blogging, creating YouTube videos, or telling social media stories now is the perfect time to take action.

Prospectr Data Process: How We Source, Send, and Strategize B2B Lead Generation Campaigns For Success

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By: Chelsea Nolan One of the most important factors when considering a digital marketing campaign is the “data.” You can have the best crafted, catchiest and most relevant message of all time, but if it never gets delivered to the intended audience, it will flop everytime. For the eleven years we have been in business, [...]

Prospectr’s Predictable Revenue System

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By: Chelsea Nolan One of the most asked questions I get from business owners is, “How can you possibly understand my business well enough to sell it?” Since Prospectr Marketing serves over 50 different industry verticals, it is certainly a valid question - We don’t have a cookie-cutter approach to marketing, using the same campaign [...]

3 Sneaky Tactics for Heating Your Leads Up Nearly Immediately

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At first, you might have a little skepticism about this blog post's title. Sounds a little manipulative, doesn't it? Like, maybe it's a big promise that you don't actually get the value of. Well, it's not. It's meant to be an alluring title. But, you can do some things to heat prospects up fast. [...]

7 Steps to Gaining a Large Following on Twitter

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Twitter is a great way to expand your marketing efforts, and in many cases, you can't afford not to be on Twitter. For example, statistics direct from Twitter indicate that 73 percent of small-business customers feel better about a business after reading its tweets. That said, building a large following takes time, investment and [...]

Mission Matters: Defining the What, How and Why of Your Business

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While many may believe that a company's vision and mission statement are the same, they aren't. One focuses on the future of the business. The other focuses on how the business is going to achieve that future. Having a clear vision statement and a mission statement are both so important to business success. Here's [...]

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