You always hear all these crazy stories about people building their entire businesses on LinkedIn. They have millions of dollars, streams of clients, and all sorts of great and glorious things.

So…why don’t you have any of those?

Are those stories you hear even real? Or do they just get made up so you’ll buy a product, course, or training from that person or business?

Does this “social selling” thing even work? Or is it just one of those passing fads that lasts until the next cool thing comes along?

Further, your executive team may already have convinced themselves this social selling is a fad.

1. Why Social Selling Isn’t a Fad

No matter how you look at it, I don’t think any reasonable person can call social selling a passing “fad.” Think of the way business works now.

Most of the time, you don’t call your business contacts. You pop them a text or brief e-mail. When they need answers or help, they go to LinkedIn. Or they hit up Twitter. Or they go on the web and search sites like Quora.

You make calls too. So it’s not all done online. But a large part of communication is. Everyone’s infatuated with how social and connected the web has become.

Common sense tells you this won’t go away. This technology’s on our watches, cars, television, iPad, and smartphone. And since Millenials, who grew up with all these things, are now in their early 30s, they will soon be business leaders.

2. Why Social Selling May Not Work for Your Company

You may doubt social selling because you haven’t gotten the results you want. You’ve tried everything, it seems, without any results to show for it.

The problem could lie in your approach. Do you use social media like this:

  • On Twitter, you blast out several posts daily
  • On LinkedIn, you consistently post updates and post in groups
  • Or, again on LinkedIn, you always message contacts, asking them questions

What’s wrong with that? You’re only doing half of what it takes to succeed.

To make it work, you have to engage in actual conversations. For example, research those sites for questions to answer. Then, give the answer.

It’s likely you won’t close any business now. Prospects asking questions are in the early stages of the buy cycle. But, you will get their attention with solid answers, advice, and resources. Then they move deeper into your funnel.

And others will see your answers posted publicly. When they realize the quality information you give, their interest will grow in you too.

So, while you won’t close any business now, you will in the future. That’s because social selling is a long-term game where you continue to provide value until you close more business.

Can You Definitively Say Whether Social Selling Works?

Do you know the number one reason why social selling doesn’t work? It’s because of your lack of buy-in.

Whether it works or not? That’s up to you.