LinkedIn is a business networking site, however, it is not used like it is meant to be.  Many people go through the sign up process and occasionally accept an invitation to join another network, but they never go beyond that.  If you really want to utilize the benefits of LinkedIn, then don’t simply fill out your profile and leave it at that.  Adding contacts can be beneficial, but it doesn’t come close to what you can get out of LinkedIn.  Leverage LinkedIn and grow your business by working a little harder.  There is proof that you can build millions of dollars in revenue annually through efforts on LinkedIn.  You can do this by cultivating successful business relationships.  Here is how:

  • Touch Up Your Profile – Make sure everything on your profile is up to date before engaging with connections.  Make a good impression in your profile box.  The profile box is the most important area on your profile page because it is easily visible, efficient, and contains what people want to know about you.  This is the information people need when viewing your profile.
  • Join 50 Groups – Groups is the biggest resource on LinkedIn.  If you are not using it then I suggest you start.  The gold is in the groups, and that is where people are looking for help.  Join groups that are relevant where your connections are in, and also be sure to gauge the health of the group.  You can look at group statistics to see how engaging the discussions are.  The more engaging the better.
  • Search Group Digests – This is how you can prospect for business.  Allow yourself to receive daily notifications on the news feeds from your groups.  Look through discussions that are interesting to you for your business.
  • Discuss – Once you have found interesting discussions through the digests, then engage in those discussions and become part of them.  Your comments are important because if someone likes what you have to say and consider it valuable then they will visit your profile and connect with you.  Also, being recognized as the top influencer on the sidebar can’t hurt your popularity.
  • Connect – Make sure your connections are hand picked and you aren’t just connecting with anybody and going wild with the connect button.  Look for potential prospects or business opportunities.  Once you connect with them then there can be an opportunity to move them over to something more personal such as Skype.

Author: Michael Whartnaby, Prospectr Marketing