Media – How Using a Variety of Mediums Will Result in More Sales

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Media is defined as how you approach your target market. It closely relates to the market that you have segmented, targeted and qualified. It encompasses frequency, media channels, reach, calendar, audiences, creative and active reporting. Enough contact and content to engage, but enough space to respect the space and demands on a busy business prospect. [...]

Twitter Strategies: Building Engagement

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Ever wonder why your tweet was never retweeted? You spent time on creating content or an article your brand and you thought it would drive traffic, awareness, and build engagement but it did not work.  You ask yourself what else can I do to build engagement on twitter?  There are some specific strategies that have [...]

Social Command Centers

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Today, the social media industry is frantically trying to keep up with the real-time environment and the fast pace of consumers.  Due to the increase and sudden explosion of the many social media channels, consumers are more connected and influential than they have ever been, and businesses are faced with this challenge more frequently.  They [...]

The Other Half of SEO: Improving Website Accessibility

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“Good” SEO has two halves.  One half is the obvious one that most people understand as content, consisting of high quality and relevancy.  The other half that usually takes a back seat to the content side is accessibility.  A website that  easily accessible will, as a result, have an easier usability this makes your website [...]