4 Reasons You Should Be Automating Your B2B Workflows


b2b automation


Automation has become a crutch that many of us rely on in our daily routines, to the extent to which we’ve even automated our homes. From Alexa to McDonalds, 2018 has become the year of automation and this trend is here to stay! Getting familiar with automation platforms and the slew of possibilities it provides is crucial in today’s market. So don’t get left behind, here are 4 ways automation can benefit your business.


1. Generate More Leads

b2b automation


Generating leads is likely one of your main focuses but thanks to automation it no longer needs to take so much time and effort. Consider automating a popup box on your businesses landing page. Here potential customers can provide their personal or company contact information to show interest in receiving information like newsletters or promotions. This provided information can be stored in your CRM system where apps like MailChimp can automate and source all of the email content requested by your new lead.

Other beneficial ways to incorporate automation on your landing page include offering a live web chat option where customers can inquire about products or services, and an automated scheduling function like Calendly where clients can link directly to staff calendars to schedule appointments with the click of a button. All of these automated landing page services allow your customers to engage without the pressure of a sales pitch.


2. Content personalization

b2b automation

B2C companies do an incredible job of personalizing content for their consumer base yet so many B2B companies have yet to adopt this tactic. What B2B companies need to remember is that the decision to buy comes from a person, not a business. Many B2B business may feel they lack the technological or monetary resources needed for content personalization. But automation tools can make the personalization process easy and affordable, even for smaller companies.

Email marketing is one of the most successful examples of how to automate a personalized content strategy. Companies can automate email auto responders and hyper personalize them by segmenting their audiences. By implementing an email marketing automation tool like Mautic you can make sure you’re nurturing your leads and properly managing your sales pipeline.


3. Content Sharing

b2b automation

Modern consumers demand much more than products and services. In order to survive in today’s business world you need to make your company’s voice heard. What your company does with their website and social media presence can make or break your brand.

Establishing your business’s brand identity and social media personality is the most difficult part of this process thanks to automation. With the use of content sharing apps like Buffer, you  can create and schedule content to be posted across all of your social media platforms. This will help your business gain visibility and attract attention from a larger audience.

4. Manage Customer Accounts

b2b automation

Automation can sound a bit robotic and insincere but in actuality it may be one of the most considerate things you can do for you clients. With company growth can come the inability to provide the same amount of attention your clients have come to expect.

Today there are plenty of apps that can manage your CRM, direct clients to the staff associated with their account and automate follow up actions. You can also use automation to measure campaign success/outreach and to disengage with dead leads. So don’t spend a small fortune on new employees to manage all of the actions, on all of your accounts, instead consider automation.


Automation essentially means simplification. And in this increasingly complicated world I think we could all use a bit more of that.

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