How to Build a Strong Alliance Between Marketing and Sales

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Just like a married couple, marketing and sales can be the best of friends...or the worst of enemies. If you're dealing with bickering, petty name-calling, lack of cooperation, or whatever else both sides can come up with, here's some ideas for making them strong allies: 1. Make Marketing and Sales Responsible for the Same [...]

13 Tools We Use To Drive Pipeline Growth For Our B2B Agency

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    13 Tools We Use To Drive Pipeline Growth For Our B2B Agency   Whether you're considering Prospectr to manage your lead generation or simply looking to build up your own marketing stack we're here to share the "tools of the trade" we find vital to our day-to-day operations.   1. WordPress Having a [...]

A Penny Saved… Might Cost you a Dollar. By: Rachel Pedersen

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Let me begin... by explaining that I see the value in being frugal in some areas of life. Secondhand stores are my favorite places to get furniture, clothing, jewelry, and decorations. For the purpose of this blog, please excuse the aforementioned categories, because that is where the thriftiness ends. There are times that the cheaper [...]

Revenue Process Optimization: Marketing Database

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Revenue Process Optimization and The New Drive for High Quality Data Building an effective high performance revenue process requires the right frameworks, measurements and efforts to engage with prospects and guide them through the buying cycle. This process performs best when there is a continuous stream of clean data, continual analysis and adjustment, and prompt [...]

The Modern Marketer

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Within the past 10-12 years there has been a remarkable renovation within marketing. Buyers can now have the control of how and when they access information within the purchasing process. In the midst of this, marketers have to work with tight budgets and communicate with buyers through many different channels. Despite the challenges that arise, [...]

Lead Generation Company – How to Evaluate Your Marketing Partner Prices

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Lead Generation Company Benchmarking As a business owner and marketing guy - I am consistently evaluating other lead generation company prices and marketing service offerings. Here are few things I have learned to look for: Do they offer a performance-based guarantee? Relevant and detailed testimonials? Trial, or test phase? As you negotiate and determine lead [...]

How a Multi-Touch, Multi-Media Prospecting Approach Multiplies Results

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This article discusses prospecting strategies and how to efficiently reach your target market. Media Channels Frequency Reach Calendar Audiences Creative Activity Reporting Marketing campaigns establish brand image, whether good, or bad your campaign is influencing your target audience’s perception of your brand. Marketing emails can be redundant, sales calls can be insistent enough to irritate. [...]