4 Reasons You Should Be Automating Your B2B Workflows

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4 Reasons You Should Be Automating Your B2B Workflows     Automation has become a crutch that many of us rely on in our daily routines, to the extent to which we’ve even automated our homes. From Alexa to McDonalds, 2018 has become the year of automation and this trend is here to stay! Getting [...]

How has mail, delivering messages, and email transformed?

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Remember the good ol’ days when carrier pigeons, pneumatic tubes, dogsleds, mules, horses, and telegraphs were “hot new ways” to deliver a message? Ok fine, how about remember the good ol’ days when your Grandpa would make jokes about these kinds of methods? Imagine waiting for a carrier pigeon or dogsled to deliver an imperative, [...]

Email Marketing Lessons Learned

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Email Marketing Lessons Learned: Emails to prospects should be personal and address the needs of the person receiving the message. Multiple touch points can enable a company to refine the target group and find those that will be most interested in your products/services. Get the prospect interested in contacting you by leveraging the thought leadership [...]

What is the best strategy to better nurture email leads?

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Researchers estimate that United States firms alone spent US $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 and will grow to $2.468 billion by 2016. Research from MarketingSherpa's 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report shows that the email marketing strategy for most B2B marketers still predominantly revolves around sending mass emails to a marketer’s entire mailing list. [...]

Four Necessities for a Content Marketing Campaign

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Content Marketing centers around: valuable data, a conversational tone, an engaging story, and maybe some compelling design are all components that make up great content. Each one of these elements is central for grabbing people’s attention and keeping it. But what if this attention-grabber needs to be long lasting, such as in a content marketing [...]

Outbound Marketing Tips for 2013

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Marketing Tips for 2013: kicking off a new outbound teleprospecting campaign requires careful preparation and a proactive, yet adaptable, outlook.  Below are some of the intangibles and physical assets you should be mindful of within the first two weeks of a new campaign: Week 1: Secure a targeted list: Whether you build this internally, or [...]

Email Delivery Tips

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How we monitor delivery We have developed some instrumentation so we can monitor how we are doing on getting messages to our users’ inbox. Our applications tag each outgoing message with a unique header with a hashed value that gets recorded by the application before the message is sent. To gather delivery information, we run [...]

Prospectr Marketing Referral Program

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Performance-Based Marketing Company Referral Program Do you know other people who are in need of performance-based marketing services? We're willing to pay you a 5% commission on all services rendered over 6 months for every newly procured client. You do not need to do any selling for Prospectr, just get us the meeting and we'll [...]

How a Multi-Touch, Multi-Media Prospecting Approach Multiplies Results

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This article discusses prospecting strategies and how to efficiently reach your target market. Media Channels Frequency Reach Calendar Audiences Creative Activity Reporting Marketing campaigns establish brand image, whether good, or bad your campaign is influencing your target audience’s perception of your brand. Marketing emails can be redundant, sales calls can be insistent enough to irritate. [...]